Proactive Pain Relief Compression Gloves™

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The Solution to Your Hand Pain

The workout pain relief that you have been searching for. The Proactive Compression Gloves use ultra light compression technology to reduce swelling in the joints and eliminate hand pain while exercising.

It is essentially an arthritis miracle cure that can provide instant relief. Try them for 30 days and if you don't like them, return them for your money back. No questions asked.

Why Do I Need Proactive Compression Gloves?

If you struggle to work out because of hand pain and bad grip, this could very well be your solution. Out technology is simple, our results are proven. The Proactive Compression Gloves will provide you with the following benefits.
  • Arthritis prevention
  • Promotes blood flow
  • Perfect amount of compression
  • Very sturdy
  • Does not restrict mobility

Great for Working Out!

  • Increased grip
  • Hand strength
  • Ultra light
  • Sweat wicking
  • Increased blood flow for recovery 

    Feel Instant Relief

    Wear the gloves for instant relief during exercise and daily use or while sleeping to wake up free of inflammation and discomfort.

    Not only do the gloves provide instant relief, but can provide long lasting pain prevention after daily use.

    Wear them while working out for increased blood flow, stronger grip, and reduced inflammation. No need to limit your exercise routine.

    How Do They Work? 

    Hand pain arises when excessive stress on the joints causes inflammation and swelling, which causes stiffness and pain, leading to limited daily activity and bad workouts.

    The Proactive Compression gloves fix all of these issues by using light compression on your hands and wrists to eliminate inflammation in the joints, promoting mobility and strength.

    This decreases swelling in your joints, which relieves pain, increases strength, and promotes blood flow for recovery.

    Who Are They For?

    If you experience joint pain, poor mobility, or stiffness while lifting weights, the proactive compression gloves are perfect for you

    They are designed to keep your joints stable and strong during workouts, to reduce pain and swelling, and prevent the worsening of joint pain. They will also strengthen grip strength.

    This is the perfect solution for anyone who experiences or is limited by, joint pain while lifting weights.

    Free Bonus Exercise Guide with Every Purchase!

    For a limited time, you will be receiving a pdf download hand mobility and strength exercise guide, FREE with your purchase of Proactive Pain Relief Compression Gloves! When you make a purchase, you will receive a download link in your email or confirmation page.

    • Prevent worsening
    • Increase Mobility
    • Decrease Pain
    • Strengthen Grip
    • $20 value, completely free!

    (Exercise Guide Front Page)

    Let Our Customer Speak For Us

    "When I saw these gloves, I was desperate to relieve my joint pain and go back to enjoying good workouts. I wanted so badly to play the guitar again and escape the constant stress of hand pain. I didn't think that a pair of gloves this simple and inexpensive would work, but to my surprise my arthritis pain has been reduced significantly! I can finally go back to doing what I enjoy the most in life."

    - Nathan T. 972-951-0130

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    Q - Is this the best brand for compression gloves?

    A - We believe so! We are the only company to successfully create a compression glove specially designed for working out. The gloves have better grip, are stronger and stretchier than competitors and provide the perfect amount of compression.

    Q - Are the seams irritating?

    A - No, the seams are small and soft. You should not be able to feel them at all and they shouldn't leave a red mark after use. Our new minimal stitch technology takes care of that.

    Q - How do i know which size to get?

    A - Use our hand measuring guide to ensure the perfect fit. Our gloves run true to size.

    Q - How long does it take to find relief?

    A - You should feel instant relief after putting them on but you should also experience lasting results if used daily!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 146 reviews
    Not a bad purchase for the cost.

    A little dismayed at the time it took to get them however I find them very comfortable and with a perfect level of compression.
    I wear them all day every day and I work outside so they get a good workout!
    There is one finger beginning to come up unstitched, but again, for the price I did good !


    I am very satisfied


    Very nicely packaged, comes with a reusable zip lock bag. Arrived in Canada in 10 days. This feels so nice on my hand. I also bought the black polyester model, a different type of fabric. Both fabric feels nice on my hand. This cotton model feels slightly thicker and a bit warmer, but don't know if that's psychological or a real difference. I will give both models a try and see which I like better in the long term. Would definitely buy again. Highly recommend. I am 164cm, size small is perfect for me.


    Well received, product conforms to the decryption